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Strong Mental Health: Makes you up to 12% More Productive

Strong Mental Health: Prevents Mental Health Problems

Strong Mental Health: Makes You Physically Fitter

Learn How With The Awareness Key

The Awareness Key
Strengthening Mental Health Training Courses

Become A Key Part Of Improving The Mental Health Of Our Country

The Awareness Key offers a unique and proactive, set of training courses which teach how to Strengthen Mental Health.

These courses are game changers in this traditionally reactive society we currently have in this country regarding mental health problems. The skills you will learn are proactive and, ideal for schools and business. These techniques can then in turn also be taken home and benefit families and the local community.

The number of participants on each course is limited to benefit the maximum learning opportunity.

At our Outdoor Centre we show you how to strengthen your mental health through sports, animals, nature and more. We are passionate about ensuring that the skills learned on the course will work at your specific site regardless of your setup. Whilst our facilities are the perfect environment to learn these proactive skills we ensure that the skills learned can be taken back to your venue.

Three Day Training Course


The “Awareness” three day training course is ideal to learn an overall view of what is involved in order to Strengthen Mental Health and to raise your own self-awareness which is essential in being able to monitor your own mental well-being.

You will develop your knowledge about why proactive measures are essential in preventing mental health issues and how to achieve them.

Six Day Training Course

“Cause and Effect”

Mental strength relies on an understanding of the relationship between an event and the mental health impact that can result from it. Mental resilience comes from this and we teach you the essential techniques to prevent mental health problems caused by them.

This effective six day training course teaches accountability and will allow you to become accomplished in what is needed to achieve this resilience.

Three Day Training Course - Completion Of The Strengthening Mental Health Trainer Award

“Moving Forward”

On completion of all three courses you will be the key person within your organisation as you will be able to teach colleagues how to be mentally stronger, effectively manage their lives and have a more resilient mindset.

You will be able to deliver these proven skills to your team whether students or members of staff.

This Award can be completed in three separate courses over the period of time that suits your business best. All three sections have to be completed within two years. On completion of the award refreshers are required as part of the qualification and the client can choose from an annual or biannual option after the initial six monthly requirement.

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