Bespoke training options at The Awareness Key Training Centre in the South Downs National Park are available in addition to those listed below. Click here to speak to us directly so we can facilitate your requirements.

Training Centre

The Awareness Key’s training centre is set in 10 acres of spectacular countryside in the South Downs National Park. The venue has been compared to a South American ranch in the summer.

It is truly a Centre of Influence and is the only training facility in the UK to offer mental strength training to prevent suicide and produce success using a combination of Sports, Animals and Nature, from our registered behaviour model “The Transformation Triangle®”: ACT – Aware of your mind, Challenge your mind and Transform your mind.

Learning MindPower Proficiency® with us, at our training centre, using The Triangle Of Change, is the missing piece to a successful life.

The training centre is divided into two parts: The outdoor area has stunning views of the South Downs and utilses several zones and our smart, well presented, indoor training space is perfect for the more theoretical parts of our courses. It truly is the perfect setting to enjoy learning and successfully achieve completion of our courses.

Programmes at our centre are available for individuals and groups for the business sector, the education sector, couples and families.

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Training Centre

General Sessions


Sessions held at our Training Centre are designed for people of all ages and backgrounds…. proven to be effective for all sectors both as individuals and groups. Whilst all training has to be put into practice to be successful, our aim at all our sessions is for you to learn specific skills, relative to you and your situation, so that you can leave us better prepared for day to day, whatever your direction in life.

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Specific Courses



A game changing training day to combat the traditionally reactive guidelines currently given regarding the mind where businesses, schools and colleges and families benefit hugely.

Our facilities are the perfect environment to learn our registered behaviour model, The Transformation Triangle®, so all skills for mental strength are available to you.  Your experiences to date are controlling your mind, thoughts and actions, and your teams, which holds you back in all areas of life.

You will learn how to be proactive and proficient, how to ACT:

  • Learn Awareness from the mind
  • Challenge your mind and others
  • Transform the mind to become mentally strong

You are, quite literally, Powering Up Your Mind Before It Powers You Down® helping to prevent suicide and achieve success.

£600.00 inc VAT



Unlike the reactive structure of the Mental Health for First Aid certificates, this transformational course puts systems and strategies in place to prevent mental health problems.

The learning objectives acquired at our stunning training centre increase productivity and reduce absenteeism.

  • Examine how the mind works
  • Identify achievements from mental strength techniques
  • Apply techniques for both suicide prevention and to achieve success
  • Recognise your place of works areas of good practice
  • List areas of improvement for your workplace
  • Move forward with methods of how to put mental strength into place

Whilst the target audience for this course is the business sector and the education sector, a large number of independent people have joined us to learn these exciting and fulfilling techniques.

£1800.00  inc VAT

Career Courses

Looking for a new career or, do you want to add to your current practice?

Become a key part of improving the mental health in this country with everlasting and proven skills for you and your clients.

If you choose to learn MindPower Proficiency® with us for your future career, you will soon find out it is game changing. We currently have a reactive society in this country regarding suicide, mental health and the mind. The skills you learn with us are proactive, preventative and, ideal for the education sector, the business sector and families.

There has been an improvement with regard to mental health in this country but we are NOT there yet. We look forward to welcoming you in being part of The Triangle Of Change. A powerful and proficient mind is the missing piece.



Training to become a MindPower Proficiency® licenced coach at our Centre teaches you how to become part of the best training currently available in the mental health industry.

Obtaining a professional MindPower Proficiency® Coaching Licence enables you to make a hugely positive addition to either your current business, or a new venture.  The three separate modules are completed within three months enabling you to get up and running quickly.

Do you want to learn how to train others to prevent suicide and achieve success?

So, if the answer to this question is “yes”, then obtaining this licence is for you.

Our training is a game changer, and is designed as the next step up from the current Mental Health First Aid Certificates: training to prevent mental health problems, prevent suicide and gain the numerous successful benefits of a powerful and proficient mind each and every day.

Learning the processes of The Transformation Triangle® you will be part of The Triangle Of Change; preventing the numerous symptoms of mental health challenges such as OCD, eating disorders, anxiety and much more.

On the conclusion of the course you will be able to deliver these proven skills to your clients with ease and you will be licensed to use our registered behaviour model The Transformation Triangle® to teach MindPower Proficiency®.

We teach accountability and will allow you to become accomplished in what is needed to achieve confidence in your future training of your clients.

We are passionate about ensuring that the skills learned on the course will work at your specific site regardless of your setup. Whilst our facilities are the perfect environment to learn these proactive skills, we ensure that the skills learned can be taken back to your venue.

On completion of the award there is a great support network which runs alongside the quarterly refreshers required to qualify for the annual national directory listing post qualification.

The number of participants on each course is limited to benefit the maximum learning opportunity.

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£5,400.00 inc VAT


Currently we are setting up a franchise option alongside our licensing of MindPower Proficiency®.

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Venue Hire

Our training centre can be hired to combine your own activities alongside our own training. Please book here for a FREE 30 minute Discovery Call to let us know your requirements.