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Bespoke training is available at your venue in addition to the options below.
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Our seminars are engaging and informative. We want to inspire attendees, and enable the implementation of skills at work and at home, making everyone’s minds powerful and proficient. It is exciting to pass on our techniques to so many more people than just those that are able to train at our site in the South Downs National Park in West Sussex.

At an Awareness Key seminar you will discover how to use your mind for both day to day successes and prevent mental health problems. The MindPower Proficiency® skills learned at your seminar will allow you to navigate the curveballs of life learning how to manage stress, increase confidence, become more productive, reduce anxiety, be happier and more. They give the skills to prevent suicide and achieve success.

Our unique and successful method of training, “The Transformation Triangle®” is the missing link, The Triangle of Change, needed to make you and your team mentally strong for the future, in turn also combating numerous business, education and personal challenges.

You will not be sitting still just listening to me speak! You will be participating in order to learn through experience the expert knowledge that The Awareness Key has in this field. Our work is not an idea or a product it is an actual method, a blue print, which, through experience and interaction, allows seminar attendees to discover ways to be successful and mentally healthy.

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From a business lunch hour workshop, to an after schools club, we will bring the skills from our site in the South Downs National Park to you for a brief but intensive workshop.

Just like any normal Awareness Key Session you will learn techniques to achieve a powerful and proficient mind in an experiential way. The best way for retention of skills and success.

We look to engage a group of people through intensive discussion and activity on how to navigate the curveballs of life. Get hands-on, try out new methods and investigate them for yourself in a safe situation.

Our workshop participants get fully involved in the learning process: small and large group discussions, activities and different exercises give the opportunity to practice and put into place MindPower Proficiency® to prevent suicide and achieve success.

At schools and colleges we are able to produce bespoke workshops for the young people and staff, along with seminars for parents.

The skills learned at corporate venues can be taken home to families and local communities, further contributing to your business contribution to your local area, as well as your own business success.

“The Transformation Triangle®” is the missing link to prevent suicide and achieve success – The Triangle of Change.

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