Training Locations

Ultimately, the choice of your training location should align with the goals of the training program set by ourselves and your bespoke training requirements you have requested.

Whilst we have designated training locations we are able to mix and match for different types of training as a strategic approach to maximize the benefits of each setting.

In all locations we offer a professional atmosphere and setting, enhancing the perceived importance of our training to prevent suicide and training the mind to achieve success.

Training Locations
Online Training

Our online training schemes allows participants to join from anywhere in the world, promoting accessibility for a diverse audience and preventing suicide in all countries and cultures.
Reducing travel and accommodation expenses makes virtual training a cost-effective option.

Clients’ Venue

Conducting training at our clients’ site is convenient for all participants with no additional expenses for travel. The Awareness Key training will be aligned with your organization’s specific needs and context.

Training Centre

Incorporating the numerous extra activities at our outdoor training centre provides a break from traditional settings making our training more dynamic.

Outdoor settings promote team-building activities and experiential learning, fostering collaboration and communication.