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Strong Mental Health: Makes you up to 12% More Productive

Strong Mental Health: Prevents Mental Health Problems

Strong Mental Health: Makes You Physically Fitter

Learn How With The Awareness Key

What happens in a session with The Awareness Key?

When you first arrive for a session at our Outdoor Centre, once again after a free telephone consultation, we will spend some time discussing in an informal way what activities you are interested in. We will then develop a bespoke programme from your chosen activities to help you reach your goals – all in a positive, calm and enjoyable atmosphere.

Although we create a bespoke programme for you, there are no hard and fast rules about how we approach an Awareness Key Session. In fact, it is essential that the sessions remain fluid, working with your chosen interests and activities throughout. This enables you to progress at your own speed and in a direction which is natural and comfortable for you, based on events at the time. The reality is that you could one minute be participating in Sports, the next spending time with the Animals or, working in our Nature area. Throughout all of them you are learning the skills to Strengthen Your Mental Health.

For children and young adults up to the age of 18 years, a single session lasts an hour; for adults, a session lasts an hour and a half. Long-term results have been seen after just three sessions but this, of course, varies with the individual’s aims and some people opt for monthly “top-up” sessions after having completed their personal programmes of 8, 12 or 18 sessions.

Activity Mornings and Afternoons are also available which offer a more relaxed way of learning for both individuals and groups along with Day Passes which are often used by Businesses.

One of the joys of The Awareness Key is that it is hands-on, active learning. We focus on enjoyable sessions learning from a professional, friendly and experienced practitioner with the aim of enhancing your life in a pleasant, effective and timely way.

Learning The Awareness Key “Mindpower Proficiency” techniques will help you when the curveballs of life come your way. You will be  training with The Awareness Key for your future and your success will come from you. Our work is absolutely about the people.

Online Sessions

What happens in a session with The Awareness Key?

Mental Strength Session with The Awareness Key can either be Online or, at our Outdoor Centre.

One of the joys of an Awareness Key online session is that you still benefit from hands-on, active learning. Traditionally online training courses only have a retention rate of just 22%. Because The Awareness Key’s Mindpower Proficiency Techniques are experiential the recall and reuse of our techniques is far more successful than other online courses.


When considering an Online Session with us  there are two options; either a standard “Online Session” or, a “Mental Health Care Kit Session where our Outdoor Centre is brought to you.

Prior to a Mental Health Care Kit Session a Mental Health Care Kit is sent out in the post to you which enhances further the learning of our Mindpower Proficiency Techniques to strengthen mental health.

Both Session types are aimed at a relaxed way of learning for both individuals and groups.

We create a bespoke programme for you and we still integrate sport, animals and nature into our online sessions.

After an initial free telephone consultation, which is up to half an hour, we work out the best type of session for you to help you reach your goals.


We achieve great things through sport and it is a powerful tool in Strengthening Mental Health.

When we are involved with any sport activity we are instinctively having to become aware of what our body and mind are doing.  You will become aware of all thought patterns and, if needed, break a cycle. Sport at The Awareness Key shows that people’s brains and minds are capable of change in a similar way to a Sportsman taking time out to work out why they are not performing.

Participating in Sport at The Awareness Key enables you to focus on one thing and your concentration improves. Positive energy turns into a positive form of thought. You learn to hold your own awareness both physically and mentally alongside building your confidence and communication skills.

You cannot change the past; you cannot win matches that you have already lost but, you can win the next one. You will learn to cope with defeat and success whilst working with your heart and mind.

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Animals help us remember what really matters and they encourage you to be in control of your life by listening to what is actually happening. They help us balance dominance and submission in all aspects of life.

At The Awareness Key we have dogs, horses and cats that you can do activities with. If you particularly like dogs you can also bring your own to work with.

Whilst being with any of our animals you will become aware of how your subconscious actions and moods affect them. The practitioner will help you understand why they are reacting in a certain way to your behaviours and guide you to discover how small changes can make big differences. They teach us alternative ways of having a conversation.

Irrespective of your age, gender or personal status, our animals will take you at face value and react to your presence. It is from their reactions that you can learn so much about Communication and Boundaries. The animals are there for you to enjoy whilst they will bring out the best in you. They know you were born with everything you need in life and that you are not missing anything.

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There is a lot to learn from Mother Nature. Outdoor experiences are scientifically proven to inspire and re-energise.

Located in the South Downs National Park you are able to enjoy the beautiful views alongside reaping the benefits of the natural beauty of our site.

At our sessions you can be involved with, Forest School activities, Gardening, Fire Pits and much more.

Resilience, Confidence and Wellbeing are all areas that our Awareness Key Nature Sessions teach you. Exploring Nature sparks engagement and curiosity in many ways.  In addition to this there are the automatic benefits both psychologically and physiologically from being outside in Nature.

Our Awareness Key Nature area allows us to appreciate what is happening around us and in us.  This can then be taken forward to influence, in a positive way, your personal circumstances. Nature gives you space and time, the quieter you become the more you hear.

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