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Who is EFL for?

The question on everyone's mind

Who can benefit from Equine Facilitated Learning with The Awareness Key?

Everyone! Irrespective of age, situation or destination, The Awareness Key can make a difference to how you approach life’s difficulties, how you act and react to others and how you feel within yourself. Read on . . . .


From handling conflict to shining in social situations, EFL is ideal for the struggles of adult life.

Teenagers & Children

From building confidence to achieving goals, EFL helps you conquer life’s challenges.

Business & Sport

From learning how to be a better leader to maximising your sporting potential, EFL works for individuals and teams.


Lorna, Retired Nurse

“Having concluded a course of EFL, I found it very interesting and helpful in demonstrating various personality traits and realising how conditioned we become in reacting to internal and external influences. It helped to neutralise negatives (discomfort, anxiety) and work through situations which would usually have been difficult. By understanding reactions and interactions, coping mechanisms can be put in place. With self-knowledge comes the ability to change negative responses. Using horses is a very natural and calming method of demonstration, providing the quiet and space to work through difficulties and is very beneficial.”