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Equine Facilitated Learning

Business & Sport


Businesses and sportspeople and teams use The Awareness Key for all sorts of reasons: to be a better leader – effective team member – challenge yourself – achieve your goals – take control of your career – maximise your sporting potential – increase your confidence – handle conflict better – effective listening skills within a team – manage competition environments
Equine-assisted learning from The Awareness Key is a scientifically proven training method to help you build effective teams, to hone and boost your leadership skills and to enhance the attitudes and beliefs of individuals to create a happy, successful workplace or sports team.
We offer training for new personnel, existing managers and directors, coaches, sporting individuals and established and newly formed teams. Using the power of a horse’s innate ability to capture the mood of the moment and the resultant behaviour, a range of bespoke activities are offered to ensure each person gets the maximum results through a session or programme of teaching.

Be a better leader

A horse will take you at face value irrespective of your standing or position in a company or team. It is your mood, your behaviour and your presence that the horse will observe. It will only complete your request when you ask in a clear, controlled and calm manner. The feedback from a horse is immediate and honest so you will soon learn how to understand yourself better. In doing so, you will learn what leadership style works best for you and the style that is likely to be most effective.
To be a better leader, you also need to be able to manage individuals. The Awareness Key can teach you how to fully understand your colleagues, how to value other people’s differences and how to get the whole team making sense to each other, to ensure a coherent and effective whole.

Effective team member

A great team consists of members who can rely on each other, who can listen to others’ ideas, who can trust each other to play their part, who are able to relate to, encourage and motivate other members; all these characteristics can be learned through interaction with horses.
From the horses you will learn that although verbal communication is hugely important, non-verbal communication is also key to a successful team. Horses react instinctively to the behaviour and body language of those around them. Every movement, thought or action you make subconsciously conveys a message. As the horse is incapable of lying, it will provide immediate, honest, non-judgemental feedback on how you feel, speak and move – which effectively mirrors how you act towards your colleagues and how your colleagues perceive you. Through working with The Awareness Key you will learn how to hone your skills to become an effective member of a harmonious team.

Challenge yourself

Whether in business or sport, working with The Awareness Key will help you become comfortable with exploring challenging ideas and take the next step up. When you learn to control an independently-minded 500kg animal, you will become more confident that you can challenge yourself in everyday life to do more and to do it better.

Achieve your goals

It is necessary to set goals, to have aims and to strive to be the best in business and in sport. However, achieving the goals is never as easy as simply saying them or writing them down. By utilising equine-based activities, The Awareness Key will highlight how, by altering your mood or mindset, the horse will respond differently to you. You will then be able to take this new found knowledge and translate it into achieving your specific goals.

Take control of your career

If you feel like your professional life is running away with you or you think you have lost direction, The Awareness Key will show you how you will be able to take a step back, centre yourself and take control. Using equine-based activities, through the resultant reactions from the horse, you will understand what changes you could make in order to regain control and move forward in a positive and upbeat manner.

Maximise your sporting potential

There may be times when you know you are capable of more but not quite able to move to the next level. Through a series of bespoke activities set by The Awareness Key, you will learn how to get into the right mindset to take the next step. From the horse you will learn confidence and self- belief, you will understand how the mind leads and the body follows. You will be able to go home and put into practise what the horse has taught you so that you can go out onto the court, field or arena and play at your maximum potential.

Increase your confidence

A horse will react differently to you if you are shy and withdrawn than if you are outgoing and full of confidence. By taking part in specifically designed equine-based activities, you will learn how to become more confident around the animal and you will feel a sense of achievement when the horse responds positively if you have asked in the right way. This will in turn boost your self-esteem which you will then be able to transfer into your everyday life and activities. With confidence, you will feel you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Handle conflict better

There are times when we find ourselves in a situation we would prefer not to be in and find it hard to react in a controlled, sensible way. The innate sensitivity of a horse can be used to show you how calm, thoughtful actions achieve better outcomes. On recognising the significant differences your mood and behaviours can make, you will learn how to react more appropriately in times of conflict both in business and in a sporting environment.

Effective listening skills within a team

In our professional lives we are often preoccupied with assumptions which prevent us from listening carefully. We often feel the need to be in control so do not listen to the detail. We are concerned about how we look to the team so we forget to think independently. All these prevent us from getting the best results. Horses are infinitely more sensitive and aware than humans so through their reactions to your moods and opinions, you will learn how to truly listen, to find out what works and what does not to the benefit of your team efficacy and atmosphere.

Manage competition environment

Humans are naturally competitive; some hide it more than others but it is part of our DNA. How we act within a competitive environment can make the difference between winning and losing. The Awareness Key can show you how you can centre yourself, focus on the important bits, overcome obstacles and stay ‘in the moment’ to maximise your confidence to achieve an outcome of your choosing.


The Awareness Key will show you how you can learn to work to the best of your ability. You will be shown how to get into an appropriate frame of mind for any professional situation you may face. You will be shown how you are in control of your behaviour and personality. You will see how you have the option to do something differently and become aware of any mistaken assumptions or habitual behaviour about yourself and others. You will learn that worrying is not a bad thing, it is just something to direct effectively. You will learn that whatever you put your mind to be, whatever career choice you decide to take, The Awareness Key will give you the tools, knowledge and confidence to move in the direction of your choice.


The Awareness Key offers tailored programmes for professional and sporting individuals, groups and teams. An individual session usually last for one and half hours but this will vary depending on aims and number of people in the group or team. Please do contact us for further information.
The training will start with a discussion about your aims and goals, after which you or your team will be guided through a series of equine-based activities designed to establish a starting point. From there, interesting – sometimes challenging – but always enjoyable bespoke challenges are created to meet your specific requirements and abilities.

To find out more about our bespoke packages business and sport, please contact us.

Just remember: people tend to resist that which is forced upon them. People tend to support that which they help to create.”—Vince Pfaff

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Becky, Groom

“I feel that I can now do everything if I put my mind to it. I never knew how to make it in some areas of my life and I now feel I can achieve what I want. I have a more open mind. You can take everything from it if you listen to what is going on. EFL has given me the confidence to go and compete myself instead of just watching my employers do it! It really works.”