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Equine Facilitated Learning



Adults use The Awareness Key for all sorts of reasons: to take control of your life – achieve your goals – handle conflict better – challenge yourself – stop & relax – build your confidence – shine in social situations – manage negative impact and change – improve communications within your family – cope with illness and bereavement.
The Awareness Key can show you where you are, discuss where you want to be and help you along a clear, defined but flexible route to meet the goals – whilst giving you the ability and confidence to effectively conquer any obstacles that may present themselves along the way – all with the help of equine-based activities. You will be pleasantly surprised at what you can learn in an environment where no one is judging you, no one is forcing you. It is up to you how much and how far you would like to progress.

Take control of your life

If you feel like your life is running away with you or you think you have lost direction, The Awareness Key will show you how, using equine-based activities, you will be able to take a step back, centre yourself and understand what changes you could make in order to regain control and move forward in a positive and upbeat manner.

Achieve your goals

Have you set yourself some goals at home, at work or in sport? Are you struggling to meet them and feel you need help? By utilising equine based activities, The Awareness Key will highlight how, by altering your mood or mindset, the horse will respond differently to you. You will then be able to take this new found knowledge and translate it into achieving your specific goals.

Handle conflict better

There are times when we find ourselves in a situation we would prefer not to be in and find it hard to react in a controlled, sensible way. The innate sensitivity of a horse can be used to show you how calm, thoughtful actions achieve better outcomes. On recognising the significant differences your mood and behaviours can make, you will learn how to react more appropriately in times of conflict.

Challenge yourself

Do you feel you are drifting through life? Would you like to do something new or the same thing better? Do you find it difficult to take the next step? If you would like to challenge yourself more, the perceptive nature of horses is an excellent way to take that next step up. When you learn to control an independently-minded 500kg animal, you will become more confident that you can challenge yourself in everyday life to do more and to do it better.

Stop and relax

Are you exhausted? Do you feel that your day is spent constantly rushing around? Do you feel you want to slow down even for a few moments? It has been clinically proven that just being around horses changes the heart rate and brain wave patterns of a person. Being in the presence of these magnificent animals, coupled with the bespoke equine based activities from The Awareness Key, will show you how to unwind, to release tension, to feel yourself again.

Build your confidence

A horse will react differently to you if you are shy and withdrawn than if you are outgoing and full of confidence. By taking part in specifically designed equine based activities, you will learn how to become more confident around the animal and you will feel proud when the horse responds positively when you have asked in the right way. This will in turn boost your confidence and self-esteem which you will then be able to transfer into your everyday life and activities. With confidence, you will feel you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Shine in social situations

There may be times when you know you are capable of interacting as an equal with others and more than able to hold your own in a conversation but are not quite able to step up to make yourself visible. Through a series of bespoke activities set by The Awareness Key, you will learn how your actions and reactions make the horse either listen to you and react positively – or ignore you! Armed with this knowledge you will be able to go home and put into practise what the horse has taught you so that you can shine in any social situation!

Manage negative impact and change

In situations of negative impact and significant change, The Awareness Key will obviously not be able to change the situation for you. However, utilising the horses’ innate sensitivity through a series of bespoke activities, you will see how you can manage the situation, how you can act to make yourself feel more in control and how to feel more positive.

Improve communication within the family

Are there times when you feel your family is made up of strangers? Do you sometimes wish everyone would better understand each other’s feelings and moods? The Awareness Key offers a family session where, as a group, you are encouraged to take part in equine based activities to learn the impact your particular moods and behaviours have on the rest of your family. Not only is it great fun for all ages, we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised how effective the results are when you get home and put into practise all you have learnt.

Cope with illness and bereavement

At times like this it is often difficult to explain fully to loved ones how you are feeling. It is sometimes hard to rely on others. It is very personal and private. Talking to the horses, grooming them or even just watching them relax in the fields is an amazingly effective way of taking yourself away from the hardship of illness and bereavement. The Awareness Key will talk through what you wish to achieve with the horses but will never pry or force you to go beyond the boundaries you set for yourself.
Whether you are ill, or have just lost a dear friend or family member or whether you are in the position of helping someone who is suffering illness or loss, The Awareness Key will, with kindness and thoughtfulness, be able to show you ways that many have found helpful in coping with difficult circumstances.


The Awareness Key will show you how you can learn to live and work to the best of your ability. You will be shown how to get into an appropriate frame of mind for any situation you may face. You will be shown how you are in control of your behaviour and personality. You will see how you have the option to do something differently and become aware of any mistaken assumptions or habitual behaviour about yourself and others. You will learn that worrying is not a bad thing, it is just something to direct effectively. You will learn that you can be whatever you put your mind to be. The Awareness Key will give you the tools, knowledge and confidence to move in the direction of your choice.


The Awareness Key offers individually tailored programmes for adults comprising of one and a half hour sessions. Following a discussion about your aims and goals, you will be guided through a series of fun, relaxed equine-based activities designed to establish a starting point. From there, bespoke challenges are created to meet your specific requirements and abilities.

In the midst of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer”—Albert Camus


Margaret, Single Parent

“I certainly didn't know what to expect but I have gained so much more than I could ever have imagined by taking a Leap of Faith with The Awareness Key.”