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Schools and Colleges

Strong Mental Health: Makes you up to 12% More Productive

Strong Mental Health: Prevents Mental Health Problems

Strong Mental Health: Makes You Physically Fitter

Learn How With The Awareness Key

Customer Journey

Following a FREE 30-minute Discovery Call our Design Team puts together a bespoke mental strength package that will fit your schools or colleges requirements.

We look at which of our services will benefit your organisation the most whether it be at our Outdoor Centre, at your venue, online, or a certified training course.

All of these opportunities are tailored to your needs for both groups and individuals.

Our Transformational Triangle process gives your centre of education an exciting and inspirational approach as we look to work with students, staff and parents.

Seminars and Workshops

As we come to the end of lockdown our virtual Seminars are now being reduced and when

The Awareness Key comes to your school or college, we tailor our events to suit your requirements; from a smaller workshop to fit in with your lesson timetable or lunch hour, to a training seminar for a larger number of students, staff and parents.

We look to engage a group of people through intensive discussion and activity.

Learning in an experiential way increases recall and reuse in your place of education.

Please see our Seminars and Workshops Page for more information


Training Courses

Mental Strength For Your Workplace Certificate

This three-day course is a game-changer for school staff.

It stands alone or alongside the current Mental Health For First Aid Course with proactive methods to prevent mental health problems.

If a student or colleague is flagged up on the current system, they already need time off.

We are passionate about ensuring that the skills learned on this course will work at your specific site regardless of your setup.

Whilst our facilities are the perfect environment to learn these proactive techniques, we ensure that the skills learned can be taken back to your place of education.

Please see our Workplace Courses Page for more information.


Activity Days

Our Outdoor Centre is divided into three zones, each used to train your students, staff and parents the skills to be mentally strong.

We welcome up to 16 people at a time to enjoy an Awareness Key Session to suit your requirements.

Sport - at The Awareness Key shows that people’s brains and minds are capable of development in a similar way to a professional sportsman taking time out to work on how they can improve their performance.

Animals - it is from their reactions that you can learn so much about communication, an essential part of student life, whilst they also bring out the best in you.

Nature - mental resilience, confidence and wellbeing are all areas learned at The Awareness Key for the world of education. Exploring nature sparks engagement and curiosity in many ways.

Please see our Sessions Page for more information


Live Online Training

The Awareness Key has a selection of Live Online Training for Students, Staff and Parents, Individuals and Groups.

“Three Power Hours” is easy to set up. Learn the skills that improve how you use your mind, raise your game, improve clarity and focus and stop your mind from holding you back.

All of this can be scheduled at a time which suits your school and colleges needs.

“Mental Strength Care Kit” is tailored towards individual students and staff needs using our Awareness Key Resources Pack.

Please see our Training Page to learn more.


Putting an inspiring, upbeat Mental Strength Programme in place has made a huge difference.

This motivational approach for students, staff and parents, has allowed numerous obstacles to be overcome.

We should have done it long ago!

Our pupils are continuously building on the positives that come from the MindPower Proficiency skills.

Natalie – Prep School Teacher

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