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Strong Mental Health: Makes you up to 12% More Productive

Strong Mental Health: Prevents Mental Health Problems

Strong Mental Health: Makes You Physically Fitter

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Power Up Your Mind Before It Powers You Down

Pandemic Mental Health Care Kit For Use At Home As A Preventative Solution

Learn how to be mentally resilient in the comfort of your own home by using the newly launched Awareness Key Mental Health Care Kit


5 Ways Working Women Can Build Mental Strength Right Now

The last few months have challenged the business community as never before – particularly women, on which the pandemic has had a disproportionate impact. ...

Interview with Harry (Arabella) Mansfield discussing her Journey, The Awareness Key

Following a life changing head injury and, adversity as a child, Harry combined both knowledge from her personal experiences and careers to set up the only training facility in the UK to offer the combination of sports, animals and nature to prevent mental health problems, using several proven and scientific methods.

The Awareness Key’s “Mindpower Proficiency” Techniques help you when the Curveballs of Life come your way.

“Powering-Up Your Mental Health Before It Powers You Down”

Key Points

The Awareness Key Adversity Live Your Own Life Value Yourself Hospitality Trade Rugby Coach / Riding Coach Turning Point Preventing Mental Health Networking and loads more...

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Harry Preview - Strenggthening Mental Health, Even In A Pandemic

The Awareness Key is a social enterprise helping the nations mental health crisis. Harry Mansfield is a Mental Wellness Coach offering a unique preventative model to help people remain mentally strong to live their best life.


Founder of The Awareness Key has created a unique preventative model to prevent mental health issues

Mental Wellness Coach, Harry Mansfield, is passionate about helping people before a mental health issue comes to the fore. By putting her techniques into place allows us to stay mentally strong in the same way going to the gym you get physically strong.


5 Simple Tips To Strengthen Our Mental Health Mid Pandemic

When you feel anxiety coming to the fore due to the huge amount of change that the current pandemic is throwing at us put the techniques in this article into place to improve your mental strength in these testing times.

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Strengthening Mental Health

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