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Call us for more info 07971 011 939

Welcome to The Awareness Key

Strong Mental Health: Makes you up to 12% More Productive

Strong Mental Health: Prevents Mental Health Problems

Strong Mental Health: Makes You Physically Fitter

Learn How With The Awareness Key


The Ultimate Vaccine To Prevent
Mental Health Problems

The Awareness Key has taken coaching to another level and we are proud to be a “Centre Of Influence” by putting in place a proactive approach to achieve mental strength and resilience. We teach you how to “Power Up Your Mind Before it Powers You Down"

There is no health without mental health and when putting into place The Awareness Key’s “Mindpower Proficiency” Techniques clients are:

Up to 12% more productive
Physically healthier
Manage with greater ease the Curveballs of Life
Mental Strength is the foundation for everything we do in life

My work as a Mental Strength Coach offers earlier intervention in mental health through awareness differentiating us from other mental health approaches.

Following a life-changing head injury and, adversity as a child, I have combined both knowledge from my personal experiences and careers to date to set up the only training facility in the UK to offer the combination of sports, animals and nature to prevent mental health problems using several proven, scientific methods.

I am on a mission to make people aware that by investing in people and using specific techniques in our daily lives we can become mentally stronger.

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Awareness Key Sessions are effective. Check out the list below to see how we can help you….

For Individuals

  • Become Mentally Stronger
  • Take Control Of Your Life
  • Build Your Confidence
  • Balance Positives And Challenges
  • Recognise Your Goals
  • Manage Change
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For Families

  • Improve Family Communication
  • Parenting
  • Manage Sibling Rivalry
  • Respect
  • Handle Change
  • Stop and Relax

For Couples

  • Mutual Trust
  • Manage Anxiety
  • Understand Your Partner Better
  • Improve Communication
  • Handle Change
  • Support

For Teenagers & Children

  • Become Mentally Stronger
  • Build Confidence
  • Increase Resilience
  • Manage Anxiety
  • Overcome Challenges
  • Manage The Effects Of Social Media

For Teams

  • Learn To Prioritise
  • Understand Your Teammates
  • Get Your Voice Heard
  • Maximise Your Team's Potential
  • Become A Better Leader
  • Build Morale
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How it works

Find out more about what happens during a bespoke session


Rebecca, Business Owner

“I wasn't sure what to expect when I arrived for my first session but I was amazed by the results. I left feeling energised with a new found confidence that has stayed with me. The exercises we did together were very beneficial and whilst I was with the horses I felt safe at all times, I would recommend this to anyone, it was a wonderful experience."

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