We are proud to be a “Centre Of Influence” for suicide prevention and training your mind for success.

Our “MindPower Proficiency”® skills are the missing piece and the change needed which differentiates us from current reactive mental health approaches.

The Awareness Key takes coaching to another level to teach you how to “Power Up Your Mind Before it Powers You Down”®

The Awareness Key
Your Family
Your Family

We always want the best for our loved ones and no one wants any member of your family to suffer from daily mental health problems or feel totally desperate which would lead them to commit suicide.

Instead we want their lives to be happy and successful and by training with us you will be working towards achieving both.

Your Business
Your Business

MindPower Proficiency® skills contribute significantly to success in the corporate world, in all industries, for all working people, both those in charge and employees.

These abilities result in business success alongside maintaining health in the complex and competitive landscape of corporate business. No one wants a colleague considering taking their life.

Your Place of Education
Your Place of Education

Huge benefits to your education establishment, and the success of your students, are gained from learning our life-saving skills through our MindPower Proficiency® behaviour model.

They are perfect in todays’ fast paced, ever changing, world of high expectations that your students are moving quickly towards.

Add To Or Change Your Career

Training with us and taking on our MindPower Proficiency® licence brings both professional and personal benefits.
We will help you achieve your goal, whether it is learning our skills to run alongside your current work or, to begin a new exciting career on it’s own.

Ready To Make That Call To Change Lives For The Better?


Mindpower Proficiency® techniques train your mind allowing you to excel in various intellectual, creative and problem-solving situations alongside gaining huge health benefits such as preventing suicide and mental health problems.

Your individuality and personal experiences play a significant role in shaping the workings of your mind and, as such, it’s important to note that learning how to achieve a powerful and proficient mind varies from person to person and context to context. Different individuals will excel in different areas, and learning MindPower Proficiency® through our registered behaviour model, “The Transformation Triangle®” embraces this. We use motivation, passion, and dedication to play a significant role in unlocking the full potential of your mind enabling you to think critically, act effectively and be healthier.

By learning specific techniques and investing in yourself and people around you, you become mentally stronger, improve the quality of your work, become more efficient and move forward in your life successfully, positively and with better health. It is immediately available to everyone. It’s science and it’s human.

MindPower Proficiency® has taken consultancy and training to another level and we are proud to be a “Centre of Influence”.  Tap into the power of yours and your teams’ mind with us for huge results when put into practice.


Our aim is to get your mind powerful and proficient so that you can:

  • Prevent Suicide
  • Achieve Success
  • Be Fulfilled
  • Save Money
  • Save Time & Be Efficient
  • Stop Procrastinating

Here at The Awareness Key, we use the power and potential that YOUR mind has, to do exactly that. It sounds simple doesn’t it, and yes, it is simple when you train with us.

Imagine being able to navigate all the curveballs the universe inevitably throws at you throughout your life?

Imagine now that you are not only able to catch those curveballs, but you do so with a ‘can-do’ attitude, bags of energy, and a laser-focused clarity and with great success.

Harry Mansfield
Harry Mansfield

I’m Harry, affectionately known as “The MindPower Champion” and my unique training is designed to develop, fortify and support confidence, self-esteem, problem solving and stress management through learner-inspired, hands-on experiences in a natural setting and ultimately save lives.

Following our step-by-step training model, “The Transformation Triangle®” we make sure that you learn how to ACT, become Aware of your mind, Challenge your mind and Transform your mind for both success and suicide prevention.

Our Triangle Of Change uses elements that are probably already in your life already; Sport, Animals and Nature.

Whether you are looking to join us in training others in MindPower Proficiency® as a Coach, or just for your own and your teams success, we have the programme for you.


An author of three best selling books, two of them number one.

Following the success of my three best selling books I would love to offer you, FOR FREE, a copy of the chapters most relevant to you:

  • MindPower Proficiency® in Business
  • MindPower Proficiency® to Navigate Anxiety in Children and Teens
  • MindPower Proficiency® for Hope

Click on this link to get sent the chapter of your choice here


Harry, and The Awareness Key, was recommended to me by a friend, and I can honestly say speaking to her and booking the first session was the best thing I could have done

Maxine – Teacher and Parent

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Preventing mental health problems, that’s the basis of my thought, I’ll be helping you through nature, lovely animals and sport. So you avoid all those anxieties and high stress in your lives, And build warm and kind relationships with your partners, husbands and wives. We will help you individually and we’ll train your groups as well, We’ll steer you away from deep, dark thoughts, And close that road to mental hell. Awareness Key… Making Your Life Great by Keeping Your Mind Straight.

Gary – Credit Control

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