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Call us for more info 07971 011 939



“Powering Up Your Mind Before It Powers You Down"


Mental Strength is a hugely exciting and powerful skill to have, it is the foundation for everything we do in life and a must have to be successful.

The Awareness Key’s “Mindpower Proficiency” Techniques are perfect for Businesses, Schools & Colleges and Families. The Awareness to Challenge your thinking and Transform your life.

By investing in people and learning specific techniques to be used in precise situations throughout our daily lives we become mentally stronger and achieve so much more.

The Awareness Key has taken consultancy and coaching to another level and we are proud to be a “Centre Of Influence” by putting in place a positive proactive approach to achieve mental strength and resilience to attain success in ones’ life.

We have been described as The Ultimate Vaccine To Prevent Mental Health Problems.

Following a life-changing head injury and, adversity as a child, I have combined both knowledge from my personal experiences and careers to date to set up the only consultancy and training facility in the UK to offer the combination of sports, animals and nature using several proven, scientific methods.

The Awareness Key has a number of Supporting Practitioners which further increases the number of ways in which we are able to work with our clients.



• Up to 12% increased productivity
• Reduce Absenteeism
• Successful Teamwork
• Reduce Project Time By Up to 400%
• Build Morale
• Become A Better Leader
• Understand Your Teammates
• Prioritise

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Written By Gary Thorpe

Preventing mental health problems, that’s the basis of my thought,
I’ll be helping you through nature, lovely animals and sport,
So you avoid all those anxieties and high stress in your lives,
And build warm and kind relationships with your partners, husbands and wives.

We will help you individually and we’ll train your groups as well,

We’ll steer you away from deep dark thoughts,
And close that road to mental hell.

The Awareness Key …. Making Your Life Great by Keeping Your Mind Straight

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