The Prime Minister has appointed a Government Minister for Suicide Prevention.  This is definitely a step in the right direction and awareness of Mental Health and the impact it has on our lives is now considerably better than it ever used to be.  Prevention has to become part of our everyday lives rather than coping once you have got a mental health problem.

We all have mental health and our emotional wellbeing affects it massively.  This is often largely impacted by what we are experiencing in our everyday lives.  The Awareness Key helps you make sure that your mental health is being looked after. Please don’t just think about looking after your physical health.

I am qualified in Mental Health First Aid for both Adults and Youth.  This allows me to manage mental health problems and to know what trigger signs to look out for.

We have to have the tools in our everyday lives that will give us the best chance possible to avoid Mental Health Problems.  Work with us to create your own kit, bespoke to you.

Below are some tips of what might be the first signs of a colleague, loved one, friend having mental health issues:

Look Out For Change

  • A Change in mood, interaction with other people and behaviour
  • A Change in productivity, standard and focus of work
  • A Change in energy levels, loss of interest appearing tired, anxious and withdrawn from things they normally enjoy
  • A Change in eating and drinking habits
  • A Change in attendance eg time off school, college or work, perhaps also turning up late

We all have triggers which effect us and we need to:

  • Learn what those signs are
  • What causes them
  • What happens to when they occur

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