Transition Is Like A Giant Water Slide!

The Autumn is here and we are now back from our break having had a great late summer holiday with lots of fantastic memories.  Hopefully we feel energised and ready to embrace a new chapter.  Sometimes though when there is a lot of change happening, for example at this time of year going to New Schools, Colleges, Universities, Apprenticeship Schemes, Leaving Home etc it isn’t the case and parents, families and children/adolescents are feeling overwhelmed.

One of the most important skills to have in life is not what results we get in exams but to have the ability to cope with what we experience in our lives.  As with everything some is good and some is not so good.  The ride is not always smooth but it can still be the right path and exciting – just like the Giant Water Slide!

We need to learn how to recognise those feelings we get when we are becoming stressed and overwhelmed.  Perhaps the transition/change is not as we had expected and hoped it to be.  Once we have these skills we can reduce the anxiety and unhappiness that we feel.  When it hits us we must make sure we are able to focus only on what is making us feel uncomfortable without losing perspective and adding other concerns to it.  It is all too easy to pile on things that are not relevant to the original problem and so our not coping with the situation can escalate out of all proportion.

Take one step at a time over the things that you are finding difficult and don’t forget to enjoy your new chapter, it may be great fun!

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