Three Power Hours


When we put our mind to it it is incredible what we can learn. Working with The Awareness Key for just three one-hour sessions online will give you some amazing tools, specific to you, to give you mental strength. There is no health without mental health.


Your mind is like the weather! It is constantly changing. Your subconscious mind is working overtime and in having to cope with these fast and relentless changes, without the correct training, it spirals out of control.


From day-to-day you will be managing the calm, the storms and the tornados and when you learn how to become “master of your own mind”, troubling thoughts come and go like clouds moving across a clear blue sky.


The Ultimate Vaccine To Prevent Mental Health Problems

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Each hourly session will give you skills which are the foundation for you to have strong mental health. In addition to this you will learn techniques specific to you, your pillars which, when executed into your daily life, will give you the knowledge and ability to manage the changes successfully.