Those “sharp bits of barbed wire” times

I am often asked why someone would use EFL (Equine Facilitated Learning) and a couple of weeks ago, whilst I was removing some barbed wire that we had inherited from previous owners it reminded me of why you would attend an EFL session!

Throughout your life, you will face many things of varying difficulties that need to be worked through. With EFL you can realise what these obstacles are, the sharp bits of barbed wire, how to get through those challenges and back to the smoother pieces of barbed wire!

There are numerous articles and news reports nowadays on the importance of peoples “Health and Wellbeing” and whilst Equine Facilitated Learning is not widely seen in this country at the moment it has had much success in helping people through the “sharp bits of barbed wire” times in their lives.

The Awareness Key can help you get control of issues that can develop in your life regardless of age or background.