Suicide Prevention

Suicide is a very serious topic, and should never be spoken of lightly, however education of the mind and training your mind helps you recognise warning signs in yourself and in others.

It’s important to recognise that preventing suicide is a complex and multi-faceted issue. It is influenced by a number of factors; biological, psychological: dealing with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, along with social and environmental influences.

Your individuality and personal experiences are completely individual to you and this effects your mind. Your mind changes from context to context.

In recent years stigma has been reduced, the government now has a minister for mental health, the mental health first aid certificate has raised awareness, and the media have been encouraging people to talk which are all good steps in the right direction, BUT, just these improvments still won’t prevent suicide.

Don’t let not having the skills to have a powerful and proficient mind from day to day be the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

Suicide Prevention


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Avoid the reality of suicide and suicidal thoughts with our training
  • Hotlines and crisis centres
  • Medication and side effects
  • Long waiting lists without skills to wait
  • Crisis Planning and developing safety plans
  • Continuous monitoring to provide safety and support to individuals who have attempted suicide.
  • Restricting access to lethal means.

Talking and social support is hugely beneficial but, when push comes to shove, it is only you, as an individual, learning the day to day mind skills; to understand how your mind works, and what works for you, will give a protective factor against suicide.

Our training at The Awareness Key helps you intervene yourself, without stigma or judgement. We are trained professionals, a paramount factor when preventing suicide. Not only are we consultants and coaches to train for the now, and the future, we also work alongside counsellors in the event of them being needed.

If you have been affected by suicide, you have a relative, or know someone that has committed suicide, you also need to train your mind to get through this extremely difficult situation.

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I didn’t realise I could prevent myself from having mental health problems and in just three hours I have learned so much. Now for putting it into practice each day! Definitely unexpected and most welcome!

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