Strike whilst the iron is cold!

Next week is Mental Health Awareness Week 2018. We all have worries and concerns but when addressed before it is too late we can avoid many further issues. So “Strike Whilst The Iron Is Cold and Not Hot!”.

Looking back at the difficult times in my life either at home, at work or in my sporting life if I have altered my mood and mindset quick enough, before things have escalated, the problems have become much clearer and more manageable.

We all have our own path and we need to stay on it. Don’t vere from that line and travel onto someone else’s. Don’t worry about other people and what they are doing on theirs, that is for them to sort out! When your path feels tougher act directly – Don’t wait for the iron to get hot and for the anxieties to get out of control. Stay on your line.

The consequences can be high if problems are left too long: Mental health issues, eating disorders, anxiety, self harming or, you just feel as though everything is against you. Our EFL horses are renowned for educating people, without judgement, before something gets too much, whatever your situation. Living life with a clearly defined line allows you to regain control and direction.