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What happens in an EFL session with The Awareness Key?

When you first arrive, we will spend some time discussing in an informal way what you would like to achieve and where you feel we can help. We will then develop a bespoke programme of equine-linked activities combined with traditional psychotherapy techniques to help you reach your goals – all in a positive, calm and enjoyable atmosphere.

Although we create a bespoke programme for you, there are no hard and fast rules about how we approach each EFL session. In fact, it is essential that the sessions remain fluid throughout. This will enable you to progress at your own speed and in a direction which is natural and comfortable for you, based on the horse’s reactions. The interactive approach allows the EFL Progressive Process to work effectively and fluently whilst being tailored to your precise needs and expectations. The practitioner’s skill is used to evaluate how your mannerisms and behaviours affect the horse and vice versa. The practitioner will help you see these observations relate to and impact on your life . . . and how to make positive changes.

For children and young adults up to the age of 18 years, a single session lasts an hour; for adults, a session lasts an hour and a half. Long-term results have been seen after just three sessions but this, of course, varies with the individual’s aims and character and some people opt for monthly “top-up” sessions after having completed their personal programme.

One of the joys of EFL is that it is hands-on, active learning . . . you are not stuck in a room with a stranger talking face-to-face about your worries and concerns. However, there is no requirement to ride a horse or to have any prior equine knowledge, in fact, the horses don’t even need to be handled if you are unsure about them. EFL is all about enjoyable sessions guided by a patient, friendly and experienced EFL practitioner with the aim of enhancing your life in the most pleasant yet effective and timely way.