Equip the world of Business, Schools & Colleges and Families with the abundant benefits of learning mental strength.

We know from the pandemic a further 10 million people will be registered with mental health problems but once trained as a Mental Strength Coach you will be part of the revolution to stop this from happening in the future.


  • Increase productivity by up to 12%
  • Reduce project time by up to 400%
  • Become a better leader
  • Prevent mental health problems
  • Build confidence
  • Manage effects of social media
  • Achieve family goals
  • Manage sibling rivalry
  • Overcome unforeseen challenges
  • Teach MindPower Proficiency skills for mental strength and success
  • Prevent mental health problems Power Up Your Mind Before It Powers You Down

On qualifying as a Mental Strength Coach you will be able to use The Awareness Keys’ registered behaviour model The Transformation Triangle where a client is taught how to ACT:

  • Learn Awareness from the mind
  • Challenge your mind and others
  • Transform the mind to become mentally strong

Our Outdoor Centre has the perfect facilities to learn these proactive techniques to become a Mental Strength Coach.  We give you knowledge, teach you how to apply it, and create a set of skills learned from sports, animals and nature to train others to be mentally strong.

Acquire the techniques to train Businesses, Schools & Colleges and Families in MindPower Proficiency; allowing your clients to attain the huge benefits in each sector from these expertise.
  • Knowledge and Understanding of mental strength
  • Self, Awareness & Emotions
  • Apply & Analyse events for mental strength
  • Evaluation, Boundaries & Communication
  • Evaluate & Create techniques for your clients to be mentally strong
  • Authenticity & Relationships
On completion of this course, you will be a Mental Strength Coach enabling you to use these ground-breaking techniques to start up your own business or, add them to your current set-up.

We also offer a community of support to follow you through into your work.

  • Three Modules
  • Each module is three days of back-to-back training, 10am – 4pm
  • Training to take place in the South Downs National Park, in Hardham.

The number of participants on each course is limited to benefit the maximum learning opportunity

Book a Free Discovery Call to find out more about the application process. We are excited to speak with you–91/discovery-call

£5,400.00 per person. Payment plans offered.