The Mental Health First Aid Kit is now available to use as a preventative solution.

Power Up Your Mind Before It Powers You Down

Designed uniquely from our “Centre Of Influence” to achieve mental resilience.  Strong Mental Health skills, once learned, when put into place every day, prevent mental health problems.

As with people going to the gym to work on their physical strength, people must also take care of their mental strength.  Working with The Awareness Key’s Mental Health Care Kit gives you the tools to be mentally strong.


Created as a result of lockdown the kit is a resources pack bringing all the experiences of our Outdoor Centre together in one user friendly package that focuses heavily on the senses and thought processes essential to wellbeing and mental strength.

Each section of the kit is clearly labelled so you can see and feel where you are at the Outdoor Centre bringing the Outdoor Centre to you.

The Animals Zone comes with postcards of the herd of horses and ponies as well as the resident Awareness Key dog, Chloe. In this part of the kit there are furry fabric swatches referring during the session as touch which is such an important element for calming both the body and helps us regulate our thoughts.  Postcards of the animals to feel connection and a safe space anchor, which is explained in the session. During the in-person session at The Outdoor Centre, the client will have a huge range of fun experiential learning exercises with the animals.

The Sport Zone section of the kit combines golf balls and emojis which the client is invited to draw on with the Sharpie provided.  A choice of tennis / rugby / football stress ball is used for games in the session as well as helping to relieve stress. This will be part of the guided online session so that the skills can be used afterwards.  At The Outdoor Centre, movement in the Sports Zone has many benefits for mental resilience.

The Nature Zone section has postcards of the sunset above The Outdoor Centre as well as tactile pieces of bark, sprigs of rosemary and wood slices ready to be drawn on (images of ideas on how to draw on them are part of the online session). Opening this part of the pack fills your olfactory senses as the nature items smell fresh and full of the outdoors!  Clients enjoy a wide selection of additional nature zone activities when at the outdoor centre such as firepits and forest skills.

Education section is a key part of the kit.  The Care Card booklet that will be referred to throughout the session helps the client to manage their breathing and gives instructions on how to calm oneself down if in panic mode. The other areas that are discussed are feelings, self-talk, anchors, safety and boundaries.  The kit is to be used over and over again and is stored in a high-quality cotton bag.

The Pandemic Mental Health Care Kit is sold at £75 which includes a 60-minute online session per person. Email to order at with the subject title MHCK.  Groups can also be booked. Any further questions please book a Free Discovery Call.