Lift Your Mood With Self Care

I was recently on a course talking about Mental Health Awareness which at times was very thought provoking both in a positive and negative way.  At the end of the first day we were given homework!  Not something that has ever filled me with happiness!

When people suffer from mental health and anxiety problems it comes, like us, in many different shapes and sizes. The positive is that in the majority of cases we can thankfully do something about trying to prevent it by doing “Self Care” and lifting our mood.

What is Self Care?
It can be as simple as putting some “Me Time” aside and do something that makes you happy. Just an hour of what you enjoy – perhaps going for a walk, to the cinema, read a book, watch a box set, dance to the music you like, catch up with a friend. Whatever works for you so that you will be in a better place mentally.  This was our homework!  Go home and give yourself an hour of something you enjoy doing.  Finally I had been given homework that I liked!

If you recognise that your mood needs a pick me up then give yourself an hour of what makes you happy.

My homework to you is to do just that and don’t put it off!