Fix Addiction

Are we addicted to something and if so what are we addicted to?  I think if we are being honest with ourselves we have to stay on top of things to not be addicted to anything.

At a recent event the topic came under much discussion and yes, of course, the main ones were alcohol and drugs, however, there was a massive list of things that came up which people can become addicted to.  Just a few are the following – some are applicable more towards adults and some more towards children:

  • Food
  • TV – perhaps a Box Set
  • Exercise
  • The order in which we do things
  • Computer Games
  • Smoking
  • Social Media
  • Phones
  • A Friendship
  • Visits to the Pub

If we do become addicted to something firstly, are we aware of it?  Secondly, can we work out what has caused it? Thirdly, how can we break the cycle?

Have a think about all the other things that can be lost from our lives if we are addicted to something?

Loss of perspective or, perhaps anxiety can be the start to an addiction and working on those two things with The Awareness Key can avoid it developing into an Addiction.

We are all addicted to something!  What’s yours?!