CPD – Inspirational or Dull?

I have just completed another CPD course and the thing I always wish for before I attend is that it is going to be interesting, educational and inspirational.  Past experiences show that that is not always the case!

A number of things came out of the day regarding how the “Alternative” world of health care helps vast numbers of people for a huge number of reasons.  A few of these evidence-based points I have outlined below

  • There are over 400,000 consultations a week in alternative healthcare
  • The average consultation time with a GP is only 9mins and 22 seconds
  • Health Coaching can reduce visits to the GP by up to 66%
  • How loving yourself and being kind to yourself can help your health
  • 1 in 2 of us are stressed or depressed with our life or work.
  • Being outside in the fresh air gives us oxygen for the body to work properly; our tissues, bone marrow and many other parts repair
  • Great support, motivation and guidance from this sector
  • State of mind radically changes molecules of emotion and in turn changes our body chemistry
  • The effects of Empathy – the brain produces endorphins when a person is at ease which can prevent the need for a painkiller
  • Our beliefs and attitude equal our own reality

I was so pleased to hear these points as this is why I started The Awareness Key.

Change what you think, what you do, your relationship with healthcare.  We must be proactive in our health creation and get the best for ourselves.