About Us


Our aim is to get your mind powerful and proficient so that you can:

  • Achieve Success
  • Be Fulfilled
  • Boost Health & Wellbeing
  • Save Money
  • Save Time & Be Efficient
  • Stop Procrastinating

Here at The Awareness Key, we use the power and potential that YOUR mind has, to do exactly that. It sounds simple doesn’t it, and yes, it is simple when you train with us.

Imagine being able to navigate all the curveballs the universe inevitably throws at you throughout your life?

Imagine now that you are not only able to catch those curveballs, but you do so with a ‘can-do’ attitude, bags of energy, and a laser-focused clarity and with great success.

I’m Harry, affectionately known as “The MindPower Champion” and my unique training is designed to develop, fortify and support confidence, self-esteem, problem solving and stress management through learner-inspired, hands-on experiences in a natural setting.

Following our step-by-step training model, “The Transformation Triangle┬«” we make sure that you learn how to ACT, become Aware of your mind, Challenge your mind and Transform your mind for both success and health.

Our Triangle Of Change uses elements that are probably already in your life; Sport, Animals and Nature, to give you these skills.

Whether you are looking to join us in training others in MindPower Proficiency® as a Coach, or just for your own and your teams success, we have the programme for you.

Best Selling Books

Being an author of three best selling books, two of them number one, I am happy to offer each chapter, free to you when you click here.


Written by Gary – Credit Control

  • Preventing mental health problems, that’s the basis of my thought,
  • I’ll be helping you through nature, lovely animals and sport.
  • So you avoid all those anxieties and high stress in your lives, 
  • And build warm and kind relationships with your partners, husbands and wives.
  • We will help you individually and we’ll train your groups as well,
  • We’ll steer you away from deep, dark thoughts,
  • And close that road to mental hell.
  • Awareness Key…
  • Making Your Life Great by Keeping Your Mind Straight.