10 Day Mental Strength Bootcamp

Time is short and very precious.  Learning how to have strong mental health to prevent mental health problems does not take huge amounts of time. 

To achieve physical strength you need parts of your day set aside but this is not the case for mental strength.

 The Awareness Key’s 10 Day Boot Camp is available for you to learn the tools, specific to you, in the comfort of your own home, to become mentally strong. 

These life changing skills, when implemented into your daily life, help you manage the positives and the challenges, so you can live your “best” life without losing time from your day. 

It will teach you how to:

Power Up Your Mind Before It Powers You Down

Book a Free 30 Minute Discovery Call to learn how our Mental Health Boot Camp will help you, your family or business.

Once signed up a Mental Health Resources Pack is posted out to you and when received safely the 10 days of sessions will be booked in to your diary over back-to-back days.

Each day is divided into three sections.  The first online session on Day One is for one hour and the last on Day 10 is also one hour however, the online sessions in between are for just 30 minutes. 

These 30 minute sessions are scheduled each morning and each afternoon/evening at a time to suit you. 

In addition to this we work together to produce a Personal Choice Session which you initiate yourself in the middle of each day. This will take approximately 15 minutes.

We highly recommend this course as not only the foundation skills for strong mental health are taught, but also a large number of key mental strength skills, specific to you, are learned in an exciting way. 

The techniques can then be implemented into your daily life, without any added time allocated, and they allow you to stay mentally strong when the curve balls of life come your way.

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